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A further update to my earlier Netlink Trust post where i managed to add another 25,000 shares of Netlink Trust to my SRS account at 81 cents on 2 Aug 2017.

This bring Mr. and Mrs. IPO shareholding in Netlink Trust to 100,000 shares and based on the projected yield of 5.73% in FY2019, the annual income will be around $4,641

The passive income will reach $44,886 using the higher projected yield and the monthly "distribution" is presented below. Still having gaps for Feb and August.

On a non-related note, i have finally set up a LinkedIn account for Mr. IPO ! 😂 I have never found the need to create one for my "real self" and ironically, now i have one for Mr. IPO.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here. If you want to add me to your professional network, please feel free to do so 😁. I promised you won't be "turned down" 

Happy LinkedIn Networking! 


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