SRS Portfolio - 3 Oct 2020

The SRS portfolio remained the same, with the biggest unrealised "loss" still coming from Starhill Global REIT. In my post last week, I blogged about AEM Holdings.
One of you asked if I bought AEM for my SRS during the week, the answer is no but I managed to do a quick trade during the week, where I bought at 3.55 and let go at 3.85.

The incessant selling by the ex-CEO is definitely not helping to instil any "confidence" in AEM and it closed at $3.55 on Friday.  

I have included the share price chart of AEM Holdings below. The first support zone will be the $3.30 to $3.50 area, with a stronger support zone around the $3 to $3.20 area.

The stock markets will be volatile in October

As you would have heard by now, Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 and the market started to sell down (not that he is exactly a great president). You can imagine how the markets would behave if the US Elections turn haywire. There is a good chance that it will if Trump doesn't get elected as he is a sore loser and wouldn't give up his "throne" so easily.  Do thread with caution but it could represent a buy opportunity.

So long for now. 

Happy Oktoberfesting at home 🍻🍻🍻(despite the event is now cancelled due to covid) 


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