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More Investment Strategies

Here you go.

Three more Singapore investment strategies for your consideration.

Dividend Warrior has a good blog on dividend investing here. He can be pretty inspiring in the pursuit for financial freedom the passive way (buy and hold kind). Perhaps this is one of the smartest way. To do nothing and be passive and collect $ every few quarters and then re-invest those dividends into other dividend paying stocks. Over time, the virtuous cycle will grow bigger and bigger through compounding. The younger you start, the better it is as you have a longer investment horizon and can ride through the various cycles.

You will have to adopt a strategy that suits your work conditions, temperament and style. We all have to start somewhere and the reason for starting my blog is to "inspire" you to start your own journey (and to force me to constantly review mine). My past strategy has been a mixture of dividends and capital gains but i am thinking if i should seriously devote SRS to passive dividend investing.

I will share with you the returns on my SRS account and my thoughts on the 2013 investment strategy in the upcoming post (after i receive my December SRS statement).

Happy SRSing.

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