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The king and I


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I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the price on Kingsmen last friday. It was flashing to me at 70c. I contemplate if i should add 8 lots to my SRS account as I have been monitoring this counter for a while.

A check with SGX announcement seemed to indicate that there was some inappropriate payments but the amount is not material. I decided that i can afford to wait for a few days till the selling subside.

One moment of hesitation, *blink* and the opportunity to take the king hostage disappeared as well. 


I have been analyzing Dutyfree last week. I quite like the stock and the business in which it is in but unfortunately, the share buyback is helping to boost the share price and the valuation is not cheap at current price. One way will be to wait for the price to drop to around the 30-33c region and that could happen when the Company enters the "black-out" period. 

According to SGX best practise, the blackout period is "two weeks before the release of quarterly results" and "one month before the release of Company's full year results". The Company announced its full year results on 28 April 2012 and if the same logic is applied, the blackout period will probably be from 29 March 2013 to 28 April 2013. 

Perhaps i will revisit this counter again closer to that period and see if the share price at that point in time is worth investing.

Expectation versus Reality - Ezra

Ezra presents a very interesting picture. The stock has ran up quite a bit due to high expectations of its results and when investors don't like what they 'see and hear', the prices came crashing down as well.

Cash and Crash

I have quite a fair bit of money to deploy from the SRS account. As of 31 Dec, the cash stands at $61,150. However, i can't find many compelling reasons to buy for long term. I would prefer to see a meaningful correction before deploying the cash. 

Happy SRSing. Feel free to drop me some ideas if you have any suggestions on the stocks which i should add to my SRS portfolio.

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  1. Agree. Also have SRS cash and nothing to buy.