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Taking Ownership!

The first step towards financial freedom is taking ownership.

You have to take ownership of your own investment decisions.

One of the goals which i set for myself from 2013 onwards is to trade less and invest more.  In other words, i aim to cut down the capital which i put into trading and channel them into investing. 

I have always been taking ownership of my own investment decisions, however, to progress in this financial freedom game, I also want to invest into businesses which i would like to own. In simple terms, it means investing like a business owner.

If you remember one of my post, i was actually contemplating an investment into JB Foods Limited in Sep 2012 but i never act on that idea. I have to take 'ownership' of my lack of action. Obviously Sam Goi (the Popiah King), being a savy investor see a good business in JB Foods and bought a 16.67% stake for 27c each via placement last week.

The market reacted positive and sent the stock to an all time high. Sam Goi is one solid investor and with him as a strategic buyer, i am sure you can see more doors opening for JB Foods. In fact one possibility could even be JB Foods becoming a supplier to SuperGroup which he has a significant stake as well. Perhaps a best selling cocoa 3-in-1 in the pipeline?

It brings back memories of an upset anonymous reader who left sore comments about JB Foods when it was first traded.I think this reader was probably trading contra and is not taking ownership of his own decisions. If he has held on to now, he will be back in the black since last Friday. I am against contra trading and i think it is one of the fastest way of losing money and making your broker rich.

I have a reader who read my post in September and bought into JB Foods at 31c. Unfortunately, i think she sold it on Thursday morning, probably around 36c (for a 16% gain) but leaving quite a fair bit on the table (another 7c or 23%) as of last friday. The next question then is, should you sell when the price "gap up"? 

The answer to this lies in your time frame and whether the stock has reached your intrinsic value. The value i first mentioned in my Singapore blog was 48c-60c if you still remember it but of course, i have not done further work on the values since that write up. 

As mentioned i am trying to invest more and trade less and that means having a longer time horizon (holding period) for my stocks, especially those stocks that i purchase in my SRS account (which i am sharing with you real time).

I was at the Investment Summit seminar today. If you want to know some of the stocks which was being mentioned, you can gain access via the section "exclusive to friends" on my facebook page. I will update that page again if i attend the seminar tomorrow (but most probably will not be able to attend the full session).

It is by no means a recommendation to buy those stocks now. You will have to do your own homework and take ownership of your own investment decisions and your financial life!

Even Gaylin has reached my upper end  'target of 57.5c'. My IPO post was here. Perhaps the market is really getting too hot? You will have to decide for yourself if it is time for you to exit if the valuation is too rich.

Take ownership today and wish you all the success in your pursuit of financial freedom.

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  1. Totally agreed with you on taking ownership.
    Hate those losers who blame others for causing them to lose money in stock investments.

    Anyway I have linked up your blog to mine.
    Hope you can do so.

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