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SRS portfolio - Election πŸ—³ Trades ?

Election is here and this time round, the atmosphere is so dead without the rally and of course it's missing the feisty 花姐 πŸ’ and fearless Teochew uncle. I wish "happy retirement" to the both of them and if I am in the mood, I will share my thoughts on the election in a separate post  ... 😴 

Election trades

Readers know that I sold all my shares in early June and have been patiently waiting for the share prices to correct. 

Some of them have corrected to support levels and valuations which I am comfortable with and it has been a busy 3-day buying spree for me. 

SRS account 

I bought the following positions for SRS account. As the positions have not been reflected in my SRS account, I will summarise them below:
  • 1 July - 2,500 UOB at $20.58
  • 2 July - 35,000 Suntec at $1.44
  • 3 July - 100,000 Starhill at 53c
I still have $174k cash in SRS to be deployed. 

Non-SRS account

The non SRS trades are also shared this time round just to share with readers how I position trade. The first criteria is that the stocks I trade are fundamentally sound. I don't usually trade penny stocks as a matter of philosophy as I have seen many sad stories of people who do that.  

The above chart is CapitaCommercial Trust. I don't use many indicators - primarily candlesticks, parabolic, MACD histogram and trend lines (supports and resistance). 

I use only one example here because the charts look about the same for each stock:
  • The price broke the down-sloping trend line
  • The price rebounded off a support level
  • MACD sloping upwards 
I am happy to hold on to the stocks if the trades didn't work out as they are fundamentally sound and I can collect some dividends along the way. While this philosophy has changed over time, I also won't hesitate to cut the positions if the need arises. 

Trades done are summarised in the picture below:

The trades were made over the last 3 days. 
  • 1 July - 2,000 DBS at 20.25
  • 2 July - 30,000 CapitaMall at $2.02
  • 2 July - 30,000 CapitaComm at $1.72
  •  3 July - 45,000 Mapletree North Asia at $0.95
May the best stocks win ! 

That's all for the final election weekend. I am positioning these trades for a pre and post election rally! 

May the best stocks candidates for Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬  win the election πŸ—³! 


  1. Thanks for the sharing, am curious to know when you choose to use your SRS account to buy versus non SRS? Since its all SG equities

    1. Good observation :) SRS account usually for boring, slower moving and income oriented Stocks and for longer term hold. This time round, there wasn’t really any distinguishing factor other than whether I feel like calling my broker or DIY.