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Portfolio Activities for Oct / Nov 2017

SRS Portfolio
October turned out to be a good month for the SRS Portfolio since my last update. As of last Friday, the SRS portfolio is valued at $232,501 (an increase of $22,991) due primarily to the increase in the value of UMS Holdings Limited. The decision to add on to the position in early September has turned out to be a good one. Below is the portfolio summary.
Fraser Commercial Trust
Fraser Commercial Trust announced a DPU of 2.41 cents for Q4 2017. The management presentation slides is here. Overall, my gut feel after reading the management slides is that the impact of HP not renewing its lease allows the Trust to rejuvenate its property. The REIT should continue to do well in the coming years as its asset enhancements initiatives bear fruit.

Mr Jack Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the Manager, said "We are pleased to have delivered a stable set of results for the full financial year despite the challenges present in the markets. We are also pleased to inform that we have…

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