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Anyone wants an Apple?

I am contemplating "setting" up a fund that invests in global stocks. I am not sure how many of my readers invest outside Singapore but i thought it may be time for me start doing so.

Many years ago, i used to have an Ameritrade account trading options but over time, i realized that US timing is really not conducive for trading and i am worn out doing short term options trading. In addition, one reason for shunning overseas stocks is that i didn't want to bear the forex exposure due to the strengthening SGD.

However, the idea of investing in global stocks becomes more appealing to me in recent times as i take a longer term approach. This has also been made easier with a global trading platform such as Saxo Markets. 

What prompted me to "think" about investing globally recently is the "fall" of Apple. The rise and fall of Apple share price has been nothing short of dramatic. 

Chart forApple Inc. (AAPL)

It went from being the "largest cap company" in the world when it breached the $700 mark last September to the current <$400 in less than 7 months.  I thought the current price looks attractive although i have not done a detailed analysis on it yet. I have always wanted to own a portfolio of global stocks that i like and perhaps i should really start doing so. Companies that produces things which you use in your every day life. Examples i can think of include....

1. Google
2. Apple
3. Disney
4. Starbucks
5. MacDonald

I think the list can go on and when you think about global companies, they are usually listed in USA. 

Let me think about it further. In the meantime, you may want to drop a comment to tell me if:

(1) Global/US investing is of interest to you; and
(2) Whether i should blog about it in a separate "US stocks blog"  ^_^

Happy global investing. 


  1. I don't trade us stocks but like you have been considering venturing overseas. Singapore companies are largely capped by local growth. Rather than bank on an increasing population here or waiting for local companies to venture aboard, why not invest in international giants at 'attractive' valuations?

    Oh i will vote for you to blog about it here too although it's not really SRSing lol.

  2. I also do not trade US stocks but definitely looking at it when prices of good companies fall to acceptable level for me.. Me too will vote for your 'US stock blog' =D

  3. Haha thanks for the comments :) will consider if i should blog here or on a "USA stock" blog ^_^

  4. Agreed with previous commenter that a lot of Singapore companies are capped by local growth. US market is also more diverse (not just telcos, financial, and commodities companies). I started US investing last month and bought Coach (COH) which was down 30% because of competition from Michael Kors. I use optionsXpress Singapore for my US stock investing and quite happy so far.

  5. I used to invest in one of the local stock, K1 Ventures which has diversified investment holdings in the United States.
    Sold off recently. Do check out my articles in SG Web Reviews (

    Thank you for the great article.

  6. Be aware of additional risks - eg. foreign currency losses, your share holding safe-keeping not guaranteed (no CDP - remember MF Global problem). Agree buy those which are visible to you as to how well the business is doing. Risk for Apple is that mobile phone makers can die quickly within 2 years (the time taken for one mobile phone contract renewal - if your customers don't come back to you and switch to Samsung or some other phone, you are dead).