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Apple is cheap?

I finally made my first purchase of a global stock listed on NASDAQ last night. I also made a few decisions as well. Further to my earlier blog post, I decided not to have a separate "US stocks" blog as i am too lazy. Creating a new blog requires a lot of time inserting the codes and making email subscriptions available and i am going for a business trip next week (will send you a picture if i have the time). As such, i will blog about my 'global' purchases here since it is for the same purpose - the pursuit for financial freedom.

I bought 10 shares of Apple at $398 (nice number) despite the uncertainties around it losing market share to Samsung and the people around me all carrying Galaxy phones. Here is an interesting article from the Motley Fool on Apple for your reading pleasure.  According to this article, Apple has cash of $154/share and excluding the cash, it is trading at 6x earnings. This is much cheaper valuation than many of our local stocks ah? hahaha. In addition, it has also announced its intention to increase its dividend payout.

Anyway, in my view, i am getting a bite of one of the most innovative company in the world (still remember the time when iPhone 3GS was first launched?) and i am happy with my entry price. It is a a place where the support is (around $300-400). 

Chart forApple Inc. (AAPL)

I am going to build up my portfolio of "world class companies" gradually. It seemed pretty exciting actually to own a piece of them. Perhaps i should buy some LVMH stock for my wife or some BMW stock for myself instead of buying those physical goods as mentioned in one of my earlier post?  ^_^

Happy global investing! 


  1. AAPL is highly in my radar as well.

    I will be picking up the stock nearer to the next support at 350.

  2. Hi! Been following your blog for sometime. Interested in Apple as well. But I only have foot prints in SG market. Can advise on how to purchase APPL shares? Through our local broker or some other alternatives?


  3. You can use our local brokerage firms. Most of them offer US trading. Or u can use Saxo and the likes.

  4. Hi, which broker do you use? Are there any charges by the broker for holding us shares?

  5. I am actually not sure. I use Saxo. Think should be free since I am holding under their custodian account. Like what one reader says, the risk is that they go under...

  6. Good entry timing for Apple, they'll keep producing innovative products