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Value Approach to Income Investing

One of the sources where I get investing ideas is reading the Edge magazine. The website is here. I get it on Fridays, read it leisurely over the weekend and through the following week.

Sometimes, there can be interesting ideas which you can generate yourself reading through the interviews with fund managers.

Last week, they interviewed Daniel Roberts who manages the Fidelity Global Dividend Fund. This is the list of stocks he liked (which i put it here so that i can reference it in future).

Kimberly Clark - US
Sanofi - France
Astellas Pharma Inc - Japan
Shimano - Japan
Reed Elsevier - Netherlands
Wolters Kluwer - Netherlands
Novartis - Swiss
Mattel - US
Unilever - US
Microsoft - US
Scor - French

Maybe it will form part of my global retirement fund next time, which has made its first investment in Apple this week.

Happy investing and have a good weekend.


  1. I like reading The Edge too. But then again, many of the stocks you mentioned are not value stocks in my opinion. Apple is more of growth stock. So your title is a bit misleading. Do check out SG Web Reviews ( on value investing.

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  3. Hi Mr IPO. Which trading platform are you using for your US trades?