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Overseas Education

It has been an extremely busy period for me in terms of work and a short vacation to celebrate a new "milestone" in my life where i am officially kicked out by the armed forces.

I am now considered too old to protect our nation but perhaps that few extra glands of grey hair will serve me well in my investment journey.

I will not review my SRS portfolio today as i haven't been monitoring much honestly. I quite enjoy not monitoring my portfolio except to glance at it every now and then. 

One of my "worst" heartache is not reaching the milestone in my life but missing out on buying something which i had wanted to in August last year. It was Breadtalk! I always frequent the place for coffee, buy the bread for breakfast and eat the xiao long bao.  I have also seen it expanded overseas successfully in places like China and Korea but my inaction proved to be costly. The red box signify where i was contemplating it around 55-58c but i held back for one reason or another.


Overseas Education

Luckily i haven't been lazing around or i will kicked myself for not buying Overseas Education. My entry post was here at 58c.

It has done pretty well since my purchase (up 22%) though it is showing signs of weakness yesterday.  Not sure if any of the readers followed but i have 2 friends that purchased the stock around the same time as me.

Happy SRSing.

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  1. thank you Mr IPO... and congrats to you!
    Been holding my 5 lots since IPO :)